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Online Live Scan Class

This is the best class to learn everything you need to become a Certified Live Scan Operator!

Daniel Jones


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Make Extra Income Or 

Start a New Business

Normally $125.95



Why This Class?

Online Class You Take At Home


How to Market Your New Business


How to Setup Your Computer


Complete Mobile Live Scan Training


Get Certified in 2-3 Weeks


No Exam Required


Certification Lasts For Life!

Live scan fingerprinting is one of the fastest growing industries and it is proving to be an extremely lucrative market for those who are ready to jump on board. 


But searching the web for information on just how to make the most of a live scan license can be time consuming and frustrating. 


That’s why we developed a complete Online Live Scan Class, available for you to download right now. 


This fully immersive class walks you through every aspect of the live scan industry, including how to start your own live scan business, how to get certified, how to market your services to the general public, how to navigate the thousands of live scan forms, where to buy the best equipment and how to dominate the live scan market in your local area. 


Last year, the Department of Justice processed over 2.5 MILLION live scans. That’s over 8,000 scan every single day. Imagine if you could take just a piece of that market. 


You can, with the Online Live Scan Class

Starting Your 

Own Live Scan 



Your Payment is 100% Secure with PAYPAL.

No PAYPAL Account Needed

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